HaRa Solutions

Solar Pump

Most rural areas in our country are dependent on water pumps for irrigation and domestic purposes. The electricity shortage puts them at a significant disadvantage as they struggle to manage the mounting expenses without adequate returns. HaRa Solutions has identified the most feasible solutions to address these issues. We are one of the few preeminent companies to have introduced the Solar pump technology in the state. This renewable energy generation technology is widely used in the global market.

The pump utilises natural solar energy to power the machine. This would be an ideal choice for Tamil Nadu which is blessed with a natural abundance of sunlight. Our team is skilled and proficient in the installation and maintenance of the solar pumps. We conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and the primary weather conditions of the region. This enables us to formulate the most economical and sustainable plan. We offer a comprehensive range of solar pumps modules to meet the distinctive needs of the clients. We implement and utilise avante grade products and solutions. Our products have a high shelf life and serve as an investment option. We offer annual maintenance services to ensure the effective functioning of the pumps.