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Solar Panels

HaRa Solutions, the innovative Renewable Energy management company in Chennai specializes in sourcing and installation of Solar panels and other renewable energy products.  Our experience in the segment empowers us to recognize the most cost-effective and feasible solutions to suffice the client’s requirements. We are the exclusive service providers of leading energy management conglomerates in the country. We have a systematic process that facilitates us to render quality and effective renewable energy solutions. We extend our services for corporate companies, industrial units and household electricity needs. We scrutinize the requirements, availability of space and tailor the needs within the confines of the budget proposed by the client. This enables us to develop a suitable plan to fit their electricity requirements. An added advantage is that we aid our consumers to reap maximum benefits from this investment (the best ROI). We offer end-to-end solutions that enable them to relish the natural and Eco-friendly energy alternatives. We have a comprehensive range of panels that help to tailor the needs and budget of the clients.

Monocrystalline Solar PanelsPolycrystalline Solar PanelsThin-film Solar PanelsBuilding Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV)


These solar panels have high efficiency due to their composition of a single crystalline silicon ingot. We suggest this alternative for clients who are looking for robust investment options in this segment. The cost factor justifies the high-energy output.


The solar panels are enriched with an ideal blend of different silicon pieces. The panels have a blue tinge that boosts its visual appeal. This system lowers the environmental impact and operates with modest efficacy.


This technique was prefaced to cater to the needs of large industrial units. This thin-film system is built by a fusion of conductive panel and a backup plate.


This is one of the latest progressions in the solar panel system. The panels are integrated as a part of the building structures to serve as the renewable energy generation unit. This system would increase the aesthetics of the building while delivering the necessary electricity.

Our R & D team conducts extensive analysis of the advancements in the renewable energy segment. This empowers us to provide progressive solutions to our clientele. We handle the instrumentation and commissioning of the solar unit. We strive hard to improve the productivity and efficiency of the products.  Our annual maintenance and management team is proactive and conducts a thorough inspection of the system.

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