HaRa Solutions

Water Heater

Water Heaters are conventional equipment in both residential and commercial places. Though there might be significant variances in functionalities, their substantial importance cannot be undermined. A traditional household water heater will utilise about 4000 watts per hour which could cause a drastic dent in the electricity budget. HaRa Solutions has the perfect solutions for this issue through the installation of solar water heaters. These products are available in various modules and sizes. We cater to the heating needs of the residential, industrial and commercial clients. This system utilises the natural solar energy to power the inbuilt mechanism. Our team scrutinises the client’s requirements to determine the size, system and module.

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC)Flat – Plate Collector


These solar panels have high efficiency due to their composition of a single crystalline silicon ingot. We suggest this alternative for clients who are looking for robust investment options in this segment. The cost factor justifies the high-energy output.


This system contains an insulated box that has multiple layers of glass and absorber players. We utilise this technique for large scale heating processes.

Our partnership with global energy companies enables us to stay ahead of the competition. We upgrade our skillset and portfolio to redefine energy generation and management techniques.