HaRa Solutions

Bio Gas Kit

HaRa Solutions has identified and implemented the most effective solutions for the transformation of organic waste into electricity. This renewable energy generation mechanism has significant advantages compared to the traditional versions. The process also contributes to the safe disposal mechanism of waste materials. These elements if left untreated can become active breeding grounds for microorganisms. HaRa Solutions provides the ideal mechanism to safely dispose of the materials and develop renewable energy for electricity.

Our research and development resource has formulated the most productive mechanism for this conversion process. Our biogas kit comprises of a full-fledged system to segregate and extract the necessary fuel. Our technological innovation reduces the environmental impact largely. The electricity generated in the process can be used for residential and commercial purposes. Our team takes care of the entire installation and maintenance process. We analyse the client’s requirement and other essential elements that influence the outcome. Our specialist team formulates the detailed plan for the project. We implement the system with the utmost precision. We prepare the supporting documentation and provide essential suggestions on the subject. We also provide annual maintenance services and have an on-call support team.