HaRa Solutions

Solar Battery

HaRa Solutions is the leading renewable energy management company in the state to manufacture highly functional and affordable solar batteries. We have the network strength to source credible and authentic raw materials for the process. We follow a streamlined production system to ensure the quality of the product.  Our battery is designed and developed to function efficiently in all weather conditions. We assure the consistency in the performance under all circumstances. We use virgin lead alloy plates and imported DARAMIC separator. Our product sustains the functionality level for all invertor and charge controller modules. We recognise the complications that arise due to high maintenance requirements. Our solar batteries have a superior cycle life and can be serviced with minimal effort. Our team has taken utmost caution in every unique aspect of the product design and manufacture to surpass client expectations. We also offer installation, implementation and maintenance services.

C10 & C20 Solar batteryMPPT


Our team analyses the electricity consumption rate to determine the battery type required by the client. The discharge cycle and adaptability play a critical role in this process. The C10 batteries have been developed for industrial purposes due to its fast discharge mechanism. The backup capacity of the system is up to ten hours. Its counterpart, the C20 solar battery is employed for household requirements. 


Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system acts as the controller between the panel and the battery. We counsel the client on this system when they require multiple panels in the system. This solar charge controller balances the electricity flow and enhances the warranty and the shelf-life of the entire unit.