HaRa Solutions

Solar Light

HaRa Solutions, the pioneer in renewable energy management solutions, offer innovative solar light solutions. This system empowers us to provide sustainable and effective lighting solutions for the whole gamut of residential, commercial and industrial requirements. A residential or commercial building is not complete without sufficient natural and artificial lights. Our team has extensive expertise and technical knowledge in this domain. We identify the most suitable solutions for the client’s electrical requirements and install the ideal solar energy solutions. We work with the Architect and promoters of huge commercial and residential projects from the concept stage itself for providing the best lighting solutions at the least recurring costs.

We have an authentic and extensive network of partners and vendors to source the most productive solutions. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of lighting solutions which includes:

Semi-Integrated System

HaRa Solutions has been the preferred energy management company due to our credibility and quality service. We understand the individual client’s requirement and determine the ideal type of products. The battery composition and voltage are deciphered based on the budget and usage. We develop a smart system that adjusts the setting using PIR Motion sensor.

Automated System

This type of lighting is suitable for outdoor areas and streetlights. This secure model has the units fitted inside the system. We install products with high battery efficiency and solar productivity. This reduces the carbon footprint on the environment and can be installed within a shorter duration.

Solar Garden LightsSolar LanternsCompound Lights


Outdoor gardens require adequate lighting system for aesthetic and security purposes. This system absorbs solar energy during the day and illuminates the garden at night with minimal human interference.


Hara Solutions provides a comprehensive range of high-efficiency and portable solar lanterns used for indoor and outdoor purposes. These products are quality tested and authorised by global standards.


This technique was prefaced to cater to the needs of large industrial units. This thin-film system is built by a fusion of conductive panel and a backup plate.