HaRa Solutions

Solar Cold storage container Unit

HaRa Solutions, the energy management company has taken the renewable electricity initiative to the next level by formulating sustainable solutions. We concentrate not only on the energy crisis but also on issues that have an indirect influence on market inflation. It is a well-established fact that cold storage container consumes high watts of electricity. This puts excess pressure on the merchants and farmers who employ a bulk portion of their profit for this purpose. This expenditure initiates a chain reaction and increases the price of the products.

This solar energy generation system powers the cold storage units and helps businesses to manage the production costs. We have identified off-grid technology that renders solutions to consumers in places with irregular power supply. The solar energy is stored in the customised battery and used to provide round the clock power supply. We utilise a Direct expension Cooling module that enhances the efficiency of the product and ensures utmost precision in temperature control. Some of the notable characteristics that distinguish our product include

  • Low Opex
  • High Solar energy utilisation
  • DX cooling¬†
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Longer shelf life